The Scream


2014 Mixed media collage on board 16×20

Back in my early college days there was a project that involved manipulating ages with a xerox machine. Instead of leaving the paper alone and let the machine scan it to perfect duplicate, we would move, slide, shake, spin, rattle, the paper as the scanner was moving, so that when the final output came out, the duplicate looked like it went through hell inside the machine. I guess that’s how people ‘altered’ pictures back way before computers came into existence. Anyway with that find memory in mind I went down to Kinkos and picked out one of the copy machines to abuse and produced several distorted copies of a face I had previously drawn. Afterwards I took the copies, cut them up and pieced them together like a puzzle, and glued them down on a primed mat board. It was part of an idea about how the ever fast changing, ever so complicated world of technology and cyberspace can cause one to lose their sanity as they try to keep up the pace. Now I see it looks like a modified version of Edward Munch’s The Scream.

Whatcha Think?

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