These Silent Tears

2014 Charcoal and watercolor on Bristol 14x17

Charcoal and watercolor on Bristol

In recent years I’ve become more and more aware of the issues of injustices against women and children. It’s nothing new, in fact it’s been going on for as far as history goes, and it gets more disturbing with each passing time.

Just because women are the weaker of the sexes does it give men the right to treat them as they please, even worse than animals like they do in the Middle East. And as shown in the documentary “It’s a Girl” women are considered burdens to their parents which are further supported by old Confucian ideologies. Did God not create the woman (Eve) to be the suitable helper for the man (Adam)? Obviously men chose to ignore that and instead focus on the part where Eve inadvertently caused both her and Adam to be banished from God’s presence and become mortals. Still that is no grounds for treating women as second class beings undeserving of same rights as their male counterparts. And many times sadly women can do nothing about it, but to suffer in silence.
Now I don’t consider myself a true feminist, but I do feel strongly as a woman that we are due some justice. And I will pursue that in my future works.

3 Comments on “These Silent Tears

  1. Nice work! And as I have always thought, even though Scripture says Eve gave some of the fruit of the tree to Adam, did he HAVE to eat it? 😉 He was just as willing of a participant to sin as she was!!


      • Well, I think it means women were made weaker physically, but not neceassarily with more power than men. I think the man is the “head” of the woman, because that’s the way God designed us, but that is only in the case of a marriage between a man and a woman. 🙂


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