Red Tape 2

If you recall back in 2013 the piece i had done called Red Tape, a metaphor of limits and restrictions imposed upon us by outside forces preventring us from achieving the full potential, this is another version of it. This might start off a series based on this concept, and i envision going beyond ink… Continue reading Red Tape 2

Why I Decided

Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School??

As noted in the last post The Veteran, there was one point in my life that I had strongly desired to join the organization where you can be all that you can be. Yes it's the familiar slogan of the good old United States Army. Now why the hell did I want to join the… Continue reading Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School??


White noise

This is in the similar vein as the last piece IN THE VALLEY OF SHADOW OF DEATH about PTSD, with a more eerie ghostly feel. I got the title for this piece from a movie of the same name, a horror movie about voices being heard through electronic devices believed to be voices of the… Continue reading White noise


In the Valley of Shadows of Death

Now I've never personally experienced PTSD, but could only imagine reading some testimonies from former soldiers of war how ugly it can be. And it is sadly so misunderstood, they don't seem to get enough support to transition to civilian life after having lived through hell on the battlefield. And to have to carry those… Continue reading In the Valley of Shadows of Death


KidRobots Invade Instagram!

So I joined the Instagram party recently, but the problem was, what was I going to put there??? At first I thought some select art from this site, but that seemed kinda dull. Then I remembered the Kidrobot Street Fighter collection I have started few months ago, and had planned to do something with it.… Continue reading KidRobots Invade Instagram!


The Veteran

I don't know if I told you, but back in high school I had seriously planned on joining the military after graduation. But the idea was met with serious objections from my parents, and not having enough power to stand up to them I relented, and took the other path to where I am now.… Continue reading The Veteran


The Crucifixion of War

War is a destructive and costly venture. It should not be the answer to all the conflicts that arises on this planet. But that's easier said than done. When the wrong is waged, great sacrifices have to be made to set things right. Like Jesus gave up his life on that dreadful cross to save… Continue reading The Crucifixion of War

Random Thoughts

Instagram ME

Yeah I just joined. Now I need to find followers and other Instagram-ers to follow... My username, it's the same as this one, so should be easy. I don't have to spell it out for you, right? 😉

Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of An Artist: ME!

Disclaimer: Now I in no way consider myself on the rank as the artists listed in the series to put myself here. But I just didn't know what other categories to put this one in, so.... Remember my first post where I showed you eight different sketches of my face in different medium and techniques?… Continue reading Portrait of An Artist: ME!


The Scream

Back in my early college days there was a project that involved manipulating ages with a xerox machine. Instead of leaving the paper alone and let the machine scan it to perfect duplicate, we would move, slide, shake, spin, rattle, the paper as the scanner was moving, so that when the final output came out,… Continue reading The Scream