Portrait of an Artist 3: Vincent Van Gogh


One of my first major influences of the Masters of Art was none other than Vincent Van Gogh.  The name should be very familiar to you; it is also, sadly, synonymous with the term “starving artist.”

Even though he was a true genius of his craft, he was not well received in his lifetime; his erratic behaviors and subsequent trips to the looney bin did him more harm than he’s already going through.  His career was rather short, having shot himself just two years shy of the big 4-0, but he did manage to produce more than 300 paintings and many more little known drawings and prints (yes, he did not just paint, he was quite a draughtsman as well). His fascination for early Japanese prints are very much apparent in his works that are vibrant and full of energy, with a quality of an animation drawing by the bold strokes and mix of colors. And sure his unstable mental state proved to be of benefit as one can feel his thoughts when he is at work.

Instead of painting I chose to draw the portrait with color pencils, my first real attempt at doing so. I basically copied it from one of his many selfies, the one that was done in his later years and the one that’s more well known using bluish palette.

Whatcha Think?

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