Dear Readers…

Dear Readers, After much thought and contemplation I've decided to take a break for the upcoming summer. I won't be posting new art for time being, for reason that I got piles of unfinished art and those that I have yet to start and are just sitting in my head or on a notebook. There's … Continue reading Dear Readers…

Sketch Gallery 2: Animal Mummies @ Bowers Museum

Since grade school I had quite the fascination for all things Ancient Egypt. I'd check out every book available at the library and drowned myself in the land of pyramids, pharaohs, and mummies. And since then whoever there was an exhibition of Egyptian artifacts open in a nearby museum I was sure to go. This … Continue reading Sketch Gallery 2: Animal Mummies @ Bowers Museum

The Embrace

Here another one of Kollowitz inspired charcoal drawing. Much of her work dealt with confrontation with Death, and this is somewhat the opposite- sometimes people when they feel overwhelmed by life they long for end to their sufferings, and so they gladly take the Death's cold embrace. Of course I know suicide is never the … Continue reading The Embrace

The Mourning

My own rendition of Michaelangelo's PIETA. I was inspired by the dark haunting drawings of German artist Kathe Kollowitz. I tried to evoke deeper intimacy of the sadness in this piece. Not sure if I succeeded, do let me know. Greatly appreciated. 🙂