Website lookup 6: The Art of Andrew Jones


Android Jones (real name Andrew Jones) is an artist whose mastery of digital illustration is insane as Lady Gaga’s latest fashion statement (perhaps she was one of his inspirations for his oevure ). He started out as concept artist for numerous projects for companies like Nintendo, Industrial Light & Magic, so forth. He is a cofounder of premier preproduction studio Massive Black in San Francisco covering all major projects for various video games films and comics.
Android’s style is almost instantly recognizable where he mixes bunch of symbols and patterns overlaid on portraits and landscapes; it reminds me of an ornate Japanese tattoo or a primitive Mayan painting. He is boasted of having drawn over 1000 selfies a day over the course of 1000 days. Lately he’s touring the world doing art workshops and performing in an artsy shows (you might be able to find them on YouTube just type his name to search).

‘Check out his work :

To check out his company’s portfolio (they are great inspiration for those looking to dive into the ever competitive field of concept art):

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