The Revolutionary

2014 Mixed media (ink, pastel, collage on board) 16x20

Mixed media (ink, pastel, collage on board)

The French Revolution. The American Revolution. The Bolsheviks Revolution. The Egyptian Revolution. What do all these revolutions have in common? They are all ignited by those hot blooded enlightened humans that dare to stand up against all that they loathe and risk their lives for what they believe in for the good of their homelands or the whole world in general, by whatever means they deem necessary, be it mass protests, hunger strikes, riots, assassinations, to name a few. Now some may view these individuals as savior a or martyrs, but are they really? Now as far as I know revolutions are NEVER so peaceful, and it doesn’t last forever. They may achieve the change they called for, but pretty soon there’s going to be a rift and another force will rebel, and the bloody cycle begins all over again. More on this topic in the near future. Have good weekend folks!

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