Musical Sunday Presents: Muse – Knights of Cydonia

Happy Easter everybody! Hope your bellies are chock full of ham and hard boiled eggs. 😉

For today’s Musical Sunday I present “Knights of Cydonia” by MUSE. They are one of my favorite Progressive Rock bands following closely behind my all time fave, Linkin Park. Their music videos are just as fun and creative as their music and oh man the guys got rubber fingers or something the way they jam those guitars (I bet they broke a hell lotta strings hehe). “Knights of Cydonia” is among my favorite piece; i know i find myself drumming along in my car whenever it plays on the radio, i liked the drum work it was smashin’. The MV plays like a campy B movie mash up of sci fi, western, and Kung fu. I won’t talk too much, best you just see the vid for yourself.
Have good night. 🙂

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