Death By Cellular

2014 Pencil and pen on Bristol 11x17

Pencil and pen on Bristol

I’m kinda done with the Greek Mythos series for now, I’ll get back to it when I get more ideas.
And here I am continuing with my gripes against cellphones. Nothing personal, but it’s ruining lives like drugs and gambling, but worse. We are seeing alarmingly increasing rate of deaths caused by cellphone use: texting while driving, suicide over an offensive tweet or humiliating Facebook photo posts, blood pressure dropping due to hours and hours with head down staring at the tiny screen (not to mention blurred to impaired visions from the glare of the screen)…I kinda get the feeling the guy who made The Terminator was actually giving us a subliminal warning about the machines destroying humankind…
Now this piece isn’t exactly gallery material, it’s merely a study. I was considering turning it into a woodcut or the likes of it, I plan to play with this some more, so stay tuned…

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