Greek Mythos Series 7 : Narcissus



You might be familiar with the term, “narcissism.” We humans have a knack for being ‘full of it,’ selfish and harboring beliefs that the world revolves around the self. And the social network only makes it worse, it feeds our insatiable needs to show off ourselves. Look at Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus…the only thing they really contribute to the welfare of our society is their spoiled egos, hogging every tweet of Twitter, every pages of the Enquirer, every second of Youtube and Entertainment Tonight. and sadly the public cannot get enough of them (but I am plain sick of them).

Now where to word come from? It comes from the ill-fated story of a beautiful lad called Narcissus who broke many hearts, even the gods, then one day he sees his own reflection on a lake and he falls in love with it, HIMSELF. He is so absorbed in his own reflection that as story goes he dies there on that lake still staring down at himself, and later transform into a beautiful daffodil-like flower that faces downward bearing his name now synonymous with egocentricism and self-centered ness. Of course I’m not saying don’t love thyself, just don’t always stare at yourself in the mirror (of the lake) and, well, I rather not say, it’s too disturbing… ^^;;;

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