Greek Mythos Series 6 : Atlas


Now you’ve heard of the old saying, “the weight of the world upon thy shoulders.” Alluding to the mental burdens, troubles, dilemmas, and the like of epic proportions one tends to carry around him.

This saying is appropriately borrowed from the Greek tale of Atlas, a giant that was forced to hold up the planet Earth on his shoulders for all eternity. Now that’s one hell of a punishment, he really must have pissed off the gods. He did make one attempt to escape the “prison” when the fabled hero Hercules came and asked him for help in finding some golden apples. Atlas agreed, on condition that Herc take his place temporarily while he goes to pick up the apples. Then after he succeeds he has the audacity to tell Herc to stay with the giant rock; the hero agrees but then asks to just hold up the rock for a sec so he can put on some shoulder pads. Well as soon as Atlas takes back the rock the sneaky Herc grabs the apple and takes off, never to return. Pwned!
Well as the story goes Atlas eventually meets a grim end at the hand of Perseus when he shows the giant the head of Medusa he had just slain, and poor Atlas turns to stone. And that is how the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Tunisia was born long long ago. ( erm, not sure if that’s really what the story was based on, but there IS an Atlas Mountains, Google it and see).

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