Greek Mythos Series 3 : The Minotaur


In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a fierce and scary half man, half bull creature that lived in the confines of a man made labyrinth and where he was satisfied with the regular sacrifices of young virgins from a nearby town. Now when I think of this ferocious monster and his bodacious appetite for virgins, I think of how it alludes to Man’s primal carnivorous nature, particularly when it comes to sex. No doubt man and woman were created with the divine purpose of reproducing via sexual intercourse, and that sexual drive in us are innately strong, but there are that disturbing tendencies for one to misuse his god-given power, one such to exert his own self worth as the stronger sex. In more simpler terms, man wants to show himself to be the head honcho through the woman, since she being the weaker sex would be incapable of fighting back as opposed to a more equal competitor in another man. And that is just plain unacceptable. It’s more disturbing the way various cultures actually encourage and accept such heinous acts upon women; they are perceived merely as “pets” or even lower.
I’m sorry, I have to stop here, while I go blow off some steam… ^^;

3 Comments on “Greek Mythos Series 3 : The Minotaur

  1. I think I understood what steam you had in mind.. Like your work and ability and I also enjoy to see your comments.. It is expressing your views about life with support of sketching, painting.. Thank you for visiting me and making comments as I very much appreciate it. Have a supper weekend.. and don’t forget to add your daily work.. as that is unforgiving! We are waiting for it.. after all we are still inspired and learning.. 🙂


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