The Birds: Tweet Attack

Think Alfred Hitchcocks THE BIRDS were scary? What about what your buddies might be talking to each other behind your back thanks to social network?

Website Lookup

Website lookup 6: The Art of Andrew Jones

Android Jones (real name Andrew Jones) is an artist whose mastery of digital illustration is insane as Lady Gaga's latest fashion statement (perhaps she was one of his inspirations for his oevure ). He started out as concept artist for numerous projects for companies like Nintendo, Industrial Light & Magic, so forth. He is a… Continue reading Website lookup 6: The Art of Andrew Jones


The Revolutionary

The French Revolution. The American Revolution. The Bolsheviks Revolution. The Egyptian Revolution. What do all these revolutions have in common? They are all ignited by those hot blooded enlightened humans that dare to stand up against all that they loathe and risk their lives for what they believe in for the good of their homelands… Continue reading The Revolutionary

Pop Art

The Pop Of Gaga

I admit Lady Gaga has some crazy sense of fashion. Bubble suits, the masquerade masks, meat dress...oh my how much farther can she go? This piece needless to say is dedicated to her. It took a bunch of magazine clippings from fashion catalogues ( not to mention REAL bird feathers; don't worry no bird was… Continue reading The Pop Of Gaga

Musical Sunday Presents

Musical Sunday Presents: Muse – Knights of Cydonia Happy Easter everybody! Hope your bellies are chock full of ham and hard boiled eggs. 😉 For today's Musical Sunday I present "Knights of Cydonia" by MUSE. They are one of my favorite Progressive Rock bands following closely behind my all time fave, Linkin Park. Their music videos are just as fun and creative… Continue reading Musical Sunday Presents: Muse – Knights of Cydonia

Pop Art

Death By Cellular

I'm kinda done with the Greek Mythos series for now, I'll get back to it when I get more ideas. And here I am continuing with my gripes against cellphones. Nothing personal, but it's ruining lives like drugs and gambling, but worse. We are seeing alarmingly increasing rate of deaths caused by cellphone use: texting… Continue reading Death By Cellular

Greek Mythos

Greek Mythos Series 7 : Narcissus

  You might be familiar with the term, "narcissism." We humans have a knack for being 'full of it,' selfish and harboring beliefs that the world revolves around the self. And the social network only makes it worse, it feeds our insatiable needs to show off ourselves. Look at Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber,… Continue reading Greek Mythos Series 7 : Narcissus


Sketch Gallery : Bodies The Exhibit

Last month I went to the Bodies The Exhibit held at the former Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park (conveniently just minutes away from my home) and marveled at the well preserved body parts and figures set up in interesting poses. And to think these are REAL human bodies, their identities unknown. It's my first… Continue reading Sketch Gallery : Bodies The Exhibit

Greek Mythos

Greek Mythos Series 6 : Atlas

Now you've heard of the old saying, "the weight of the world upon thy shoulders." Alluding to the mental burdens, troubles, dilemmas, and the like of epic proportions one tends to carry around him. This saying is appropriately borrowed from the Greek tale of Atlas, a giant that was forced to hold up the planet… Continue reading Greek Mythos Series 6 : Atlas

Greek Mythos

Greek Mythos Series 5 : Prometheus

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a mortal who dared to stand up to the gods and steal fire from them after the gods had cut off all fire supply to the living on a Earth; as a punishment for his defiance he was sentenced to be chained on the rocks on a high hill where… Continue reading Greek Mythos Series 5 : Prometheus