Musical Sunday Presents: Kansas – Dust in the Wind

A song about mortality and the futility of mans attempt to hold on to what does not last. It is also biblical in a sense that we were all created from dust, “and to dust we shall return.”

I actually find myself drawn more and more to old songs these days, I guess for the sentimentality, minimalist, and the deep meaningfulness of the lyrics. Nowadays music is overcrowded with so many different instruments, techno effects, and words that are shallow and so randomly chosen that they are pretty much meaningless. Not to mention singers these days sound like they’re trying to knock off the Richter scale with their high pitched almost whiny voices that sound off key at times, and not so much as to evoke any emotions or depths to make the songs any less meaningful.

I shall be searching around the music library from time to time and share there here with you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

Have a good week.

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