Greek Mythos Series 2 : Persephone


The second in my Greek series involves Persephone.

Now you all probably know this classic tale of a beautiful young girl who was abducted by a horny old man and dragged down to his lair in the Underworld, and in fury her mother the goddess of nature cursed the earth to months of cold and drought until her daughter was brought back to her side. But unfortunately Persephone ate some pomegranate while living down below and therefore she has to go back there for some time every year. And that, my kiddies, was how we have the four seasons; for the time Persephone spends in the Underworld, nature goes into hibernation which is better known as autumn and winter, and when she comes back to her mother’s side everything blooms as in spring and summer.

But I’m not talking about the four seasons here. The story of a young girl abducted by a horny old man is really an allusion to something more sinister, an issue that plagues this society even as we speak: pedophilism.
You see and hear of it all the time; an innocent child is targeted by adults with serious mental problems who can’t get it on with women their age and so they pick on someone weaker and more willing, not to mention much younger. It is a disturbing trend and one that runs rampant all over the world, in plain sight and out, even on the Internet. And it torments the parents to no bitter end.

I will certainly focus on this issue more in the future as it is pretty close to me. But that is another story for later…

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