The Monster Inside Me: Haywire

2014 Monoprint on BFK paper 10x15

Monoprint on BFK paper

It’s tough to have the dreaded cancer in your body. It’s more tough when you get the chemo injected into your body. Our body is like a computer- when a virus gets into the system, the whole hard drive goes haywire.

I know the numerous side effects that come with the chemo, fatigue, appetite loss, and hair loss, to name a few. Another one I notice is the fever and chills; they go up and down like a swing, some days not so bad, sometimes pretty bad. The fever would hit to the point where we had to frantically rush her to the ER a number of times. Chills is the worst, because Mom says it feels like it’s cutting to the bones, and how do you warm the bones? You just feel helpless and powerless to the commanding force of the drugs, watching her struggling with the pain and misery.

You can see the red and blue lines drawn all over the distortedly oversized figure; that indicates the fever and chills, if you haven’t figured it out yet. The body unable to control the temperature, that alone can drive anyone nuts, and they become sensitive and easily agitated, as I have seen it.

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