Website lookup 4: DAVID CHOE


Korean American artist David Choe is quite a character.  Originally a street artist who wandered the streets of Los Angeles spraying images of giant buck-toothed whale (which is now his trademark) he now has a track record of many artistic accomplishments where he takes the crudely termed ‘dirty-style’ to the max (you’ll know what I mean when you see his work) as well as places he has traveled to as a hobo, the number of girls he had slept with and then his time in prison (the most famous being the three month stint at a Tokyo prison where he would produce series of drawings using pee, blood, tea, and soy sauce.  Yes you heard right, I’m not making this up).  But perhaps you might know him best for that one infamous commission for Facebook where he was paid an insanely large amount of money only other starving artists could only dream of.  He is the subject of a biographic documentary DIRTY HANDS: THE ART AND CRIMES OF DAVID CHOE, where you can get a front row look into his twisted brain.  Warning: Definitely NOT for youngsters and faint of heart.

You can watch his story on YouTube, surprisingly they have the full movie there.


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