2014 Charcoal on cardboard 16x20

Charcoal on cardboard

Pie·tà [pee-ey-tah, pyey-tah, pee-ey-tuh, pyey-] Show IPA
noun ( sometimes lowercase ) Fine Arts.
a representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the body of the dead Christ, usually shown held on her lap.
1635–45; < Italian: literally, pity < Latin pietās piety; cf. pity

Pretty self-explanatory here. It’s based solidly on Michaelangelo’s famous “Pieta” sculpture. I think it can be applied to just about anything that’s tragic in this world. Imagine the spirits of heaven looking down on their former earthly home and seeing all the atrocities committed upon the weak and the innocent.  I think I could do a whole series on this one theme.

Done with real quick strokes of charcoal on cardboard.

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