The Modern World Game of Thrones

2014 Ink, watercolor, charcoal, pastel on Bristol 14x17

Ink, watercolor, charcoal, pastel on Bristol

You probably caught the title of this piece, which I ripped from a similar title hit HBO series. I never really got into the whole Thrones craze, one big reason that I don’t have HBO, but its premise about the bloody sometimes graphically brutal clash between several powerful clans for the famed Iron Throne reminds me of the current real life clash between Powerful nations by means of wars and resources, and this has been going on for centuries after another. Sometimes it doesn’t involve direct bloody battles, and the most famous of these is that historic Cold War of the late 20th century between the U.S. and Russia that battled over their version of the Iron Throne with science, territories, nukes, to name a few. Though in the end the former retained its superiority over the world affairs the struggle still ensues, though not on a grandiose scale as the Cold War. Now with China fast climbing the ladder and the Middle East not too far behind, in the midst of economic meltdown sweeping over various parts, the competition intensifies, and who stands to profit from all this struggle: big companies with brilliant plans to give their nations’ military and government sectors the edges they need to fight, and making millions in the process, some illegally. Its a vicious cycle we seen all too many times on tv, and who gets caught up in all these- us, the silent majority the plebeians whose chief concerns is not about who makes most money of own big houses, but whether they can feed their families. How the game will end is anyone’s guess, but as the show’s slogan goes, “You Win or You Die.”

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