Nuke Baby

2014 Watercolor, pastel, ink, charcoal on Bristol 14x17

Watercolor, pastel, ink, charcoal on Bristol

I once heard the term “Bulletproof Baby” in reference to a movie I don’t remember much but it was 90% bullets and bodies and F-bombs flying across the screen with a fragile little newborn infant caught in the middle of it all. (Yeah way to start life on Earth with a Big Bang! I thought). Then I was thinking about that last piece I worked on several months back called “Atomic Peace” where there’s a guy giving out peace signs wearing gas mask; it was about how we the young generation is growing up in the thick of nuclear threats and signs that point to total annihilation by these deadly bombs. Then I though this crazy idea-why not put a gas mask on the baby too? It does make sense, after all, that new and future generations born into this ever volatile state will not be immune to the ominous nuclear holocaust that can happen at any given moment. A loss of innocence in an age of war and destruction. Maybe next time ill add a Kevlar to the baby’s attire, then he will truly be the real life Bulletproof Baby…

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