Battle Angel

2013 Ink, conte, pastel on Bristol 11x17

Ink, conte, pastel on Bristol

Conflict comes in many forms-from verbal arguments to fist fights to sword duels to exchange of gunshots to death and destruction on a global scale. The last part is the worst, that which results in losses of lives, all because of one’s foolish sense of self-superiority demonstrated by weapons bigger and badder than the opponents.

How far have we come since the Stone Age of ordinary sticks and stones to machine guns and missiles. And it not only affects those directly involved in the bout; it causes much greater damages to those that aren’t involved, like bystanders and witnesses. And it isn’t likely to stop ever, not until there is not a single soul left on earth to hold those guns…

Now this image isn’t meant to be a glorification of war; there is nothing cool about people killing and blowing up each other. It is an utter tragedy and a preventable one too if humans just learn to get along. But we know that can never be, for we humans are primal, egocentric and violent species with taste for blood. Even the Bible has many accounts of brutal battles between individuals and nations. Most of the time it is a necessity to bring about change, albeit it is a costly change. The Book of Revelations is a spine chilling account of an even greater destructive battles to come, that which will ultimate end all wars and the good shall triumph over evil. We’ve seen much destruction and gore in wars all over the country, and we know dishearteningly that it is only going to get worse, and the tools used in the conflicts will just be bigger, meaner, and more damaging than the previous.

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