2013 Charcoal, pastel, ink, gouache on Bristol 11x17

Charcoal, pastel, ink, gouache on Bristol

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedn, YouTube, Pinterest…these days there’s no shortage of ways you can grab your 15 minutes or attain 1,000,000+ followers of your ordinary life. Social Networking Services, or SNS, offers endless possibilities for you to attract attention with not so much as a click of a button (or the finger) or without ever having to leave your room.
Of course there’s always the good and the bad ends of it, but that’s another long tale.
In the recent years we have witnessed an unprecedented rise in revolts and insurrections in the Middle East. The most prominent being the Egyptian Revolution where thousands of youths took to the streets and successfully forced then President Hosni Mubarak out of the office and paved the way for Muslims. It was said that SNS had large role in bringing the protesters together. The cyberspace is a vast and infinite realm but where life moves a zillion times faster than light and in all so many different directions. Since we know how the tongue kills more than a sword, imagine you add Twitter to the equation; it’s a bloody massacre!

5 Comments on “Twee-Volt!

  1. Twitter and other social media can aid the start of revolution. It increases awareness (that’s given) and gives the people the chance to actually make a decision for themselves depending on the information they try to take it and leave out but I think there are still factors to consider. People can be loud in social media platforms but sometimes it just ends there. In most countries, can we really expect that all these social media users, who are laying out their thoughts to the world can eventually be bold enough to actually go out to the streets and shout out their concerns? I love the idea, I do but I think to win a revolution a twee-volt is just a part of it. anyways, nice artworks. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I love your perspective on social media. I have a literary blog, and in it I have been recently writing about the pros and cons of Twitter. You’ve really opened my mind in this blog post. Great post!


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