The Modern World Game of Thrones

You probably caught the title of this piece, which I ripped from a similar title hit HBO series. I never really got into the whole Thrones craze, one big reason that I don't have HBO, but its premise about the bloody sometimes graphically brutal clash between several powerful clans for the famed Iron Throne reminds … Continue reading The Modern World Game of Thrones

Nuke Baby

I once heard the term "Bulletproof Baby" in reference to a movie I don't remember much but it was 90% bullets and bodies and F-bombs flying across the screen with a fragile little newborn infant caught in the middle of it all. (Yeah way to start life on Earth with a Big Bang! I thought). … Continue reading Nuke Baby

Website Lookup 3: Livingrope-The art of JS Rossbach If you are into all things scifi fantasy, and especially if you are into the Magic The Gathering Universe (I'm not, I never actually was into that sort) then have a look at one of its amazing card illustrators, a French-born digital wizard Jean Sebastian Rossbach whose work stretches into myriad of entertainment art … Continue reading Website Lookup 3: Livingrope-The art of JS Rossbach


Going back to my study on duality. I'm sure this is pretty rhetorical statement, but I believe we all have a good side and a evil side. And it is a constant struggle to keep those two in balance. As you know the Zodiac symbol for Libra is a balance scale, so I felt it … Continue reading Libra

Babel II

Here is another rendition of BABEL (from the earlier post "Babel") . This one involves large masses of people scrambling upon one another to reach the top, becoming a human Tower of Babel. Much clamor, confusion, anger, and fear ensues in this struggle, which is the literal symbol of the titular structure. You can read … Continue reading Babel II