We are Fallen…

2013 Watercolor, charcoal, ink, pastel on Bristol 11x17

Watercolor, charcoal, ink, pastel on Bristol

“For Man has sinned and falls short of God’s glory…”

Yes we bear the guilt of Adam and Eve for their partaking of the Forbidden Fruit and thereby disobeying the Lord alienating themselves from His divine love, and banished from the Garden and Sin takes fruit on earth. No matter how much we try, we as humans will never come close to equal with God and are doomed to failures and suffering and death. But God in his great mercy does not leave us without Hope, which He sends in form of his beloved Son the Christ Jesus. Whose birth on this very month we shall remember, for His great Sacrifice for the salvation of humankind, and for His Father’s great Love and Mercy for us all.

I know it’s a bit too dark for Christmas, but this is a dark and dreary world we live in, caused by our own follies and not so much the fault of Him who created us. I believe we need to constantly remind ourselves of our faults and shortcomings and seek the One and Only for guidance and salvation. And yes He will always be there to answer us like a loving father with his arms wide open to receive his prodigal son…

2 Comments on “We are Fallen…

  1. Well said, Lisa! Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind. Have you read Max Lucado’s books called “Grace Happens Here” and “The Crippled Lamb?” The first one I mentioned is new. My husband gave it to me for our 19th Anniversary this year. The second one is a book he wrote for kids. They are both beautiful. Merry Christmas!! I hope you enjoy your day.


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