2013 Watercolor, pencil on Bristol 11x17

Watercolor, pencil on Bristol

We are but Dust,
Gathered from the Earth’s crust,
Molded with Water,
Formed by the Flares,
Filled with Air,
Brought to Life,
At One with Nature.

I was visiting my grandmother’s gravesite at Forest Lawn the other day and there was this sculpture that I always pass by, and behind it were these bright papery flowers blooming up the walls (I forgot what the name of the flower was, red, paperlike petals, climbing vine, if anyone knows let me know, thnks) I had to take a picture of it. ┬áThen I remember a passage in the bible about how we were formed from the dust and molded like clay, with God as the Divine Potter, I know there’s no real connection but the picture drew me to it…

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