Big Brother


Ink on Bristol

With all the fiasco about government spying and CCTVs and YouTube making privacy more and more difficult to protect, it is pretty clear that George Orwell’s haunting vision outlined in his famous novel 1984 is becoming more closer to reality.

It’s an issue that’s pretty much polarized the nation; some say it better protects us from future criminal and/or terrorist attacks, while others recite the NIMH (Not In My House). Of course I am all more uncomfortable if I were to have a cam tracking my every move; I always dreaded going up on a stage in front of thousand eyeballs staring upon me back in school. But without someone to keep watch there would be no concrete evidence to convict a criminal or stop a tragedy like the 9/11 from occurring. The real issue I think here is how a line should be drawn between safety and privacy, without compromising one or the other. It’s a question even I don’t have the answer for. But then, neither does anyone else, because both sides have valid arguments and rebuttals. Let’s just hope our world does not turn into a real life Oceania, forced to wear overalls, talk Newspeak and own telescreens that watches us instead of we watching them.

Whatcha Think?

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