Viewer Discretion Advised

2013 Ink on Bristol 11x17

Ink on Bristol

JUXTAPOSE-jux·ta·pose (j k st -p z ). tr.v. jux·ta·posed, jux·ta·pos·ing, jux·ta·pos·es. To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. (from

An example of juxtaposing-if you watched “Clockwork Orange” you may be familiar with this. If not, here’s the lowdown: based on an Anthony Burgess novel of the same name directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, an amoral teen (young Malcolm McDowell in a truly wicked role) with penchant for violence is imprisoned following a brutal murder, and is subject to an experimental treatment to cure him of his evil ways, with near fatal consequences.

Censorship is a pretty complex issue in this ever changing digital age. You see it everyday, the violence and tragedies that play out in glorious Matrix style flair in movies and tv programming, or raw brutal footages of violent terror attacks against the innocents as documented by reporters on scene. Or even in real life, one becomes an unwitting witness to a police officer gone berserk or crazy teens who decide to randomly shoot a stranger for no reason other than that they were bored. And no amount of government intervention or parental nagging can shield us from the horror that plays out in our living room tv or on the streets everyday.
So what with the ratings system or the pre programming warning messages advising us to be careful what we are about to see. Like the story of Pandora’s Box we humans are curious beings, and that drive is so strong we cannot help but to peek even if it could kill us. And the ratings only fuels the flames within.
But that is not to say ratings are useless. As humans we also harbor the knowledge of Good and Evil, of Right and Wrong. Therefore we have the instinctive duty to be responsible for ourselves as well as for our loved ones and even strangers. We should not let what our eyes see affect our state of mind. We need to be self controlled and self disciplined for the sake of our world and the future generations. Changes begins in us; others cannot change it for you. Just like poor Alex who was left with false notion of having been “cured” of his violent behaviors only to leave him wide open for a disastrous reunion with his world.

Whew, I’m not even sure what I just said makes any sense. I think the picture has hypnotized me somehow…

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