2013 Ink and watercolor on Bristol 11x17

Ink and watercolor on Bristol

Remember Street Fighter 2? If you lived in the 90s as I had you would know the game that was all the rage in every arcades across the country. One of the most popular characters of that universe was Chun Li, a cute Chinese doll with a penchant for kicking major ass. She was the ultimate poster girl for every lonely gaming nerds’ daydreams, and has been featured in, oh I don’t know it’s too many to note them here.
But tada! I’ve taken a rather drastic step and transformed the virtual dream girl into something that will be sure to irk some mad geeks. It was kind of an on-the-spot thing; not much planning, I drew straight on the paper with brush and ink and hour later, oh no! Chun Li needs lipo, baaadly.

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