Portrait of an Artist 2: Keith Haring

November 5, 2013

2013 Marker, pen, watercolor on paper 9x12

Marker, pen, watercolor on paper

Another tribute portrait of my favorite artist: Keith Haring.

Though his life was tragically cut short by AIDS he left behind an incredible legacy for the modern art world. His style and images are unmistakable, and even as there are copycats (too many to count) none will ever have that magic and passion as Haring did.
Here I tried to capture the playful whimsical nature of the artist and his works, note I even included the trademark “Radiant Baby”. It is also evident in the short life he lived; he never wasted a single moment, but took each day like it may be his last. I wish I could have that same spirit and vitality Haring had.

If you haven’t, I highly recommend the book Keith Haring Journals. It really takes you in depth into the life and creative endeavors of the artist and the people and places he’d been influenced by. You’ll have better luck finding it on Amazon.com.

3 thoughts on “Portrait of an Artist 2: Keith Haring

  1. eyegawker says:

    Great piece, I love how you continued on with the motif of the figures in the background as well


    1. Thank you. I admit it was pretty painful drawing in all those lines and shapes. But hopefully it did the job of presenting the artist’s unique style and personality.


      1. eyegawker says:

        It did! You also used just the right amount of colour as well


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