Dragon Ate My Baby Girl

Based on a Chinese folk tale titled "How Chi Li Slays the Dragon." It's a story of a giant serpent that terrorized a local kingdom and the only way to appease it was to sacrifice a young girl every year. Then on the ninth year a brave woman named Chi Li volunteers for the role, … Continue reading Dragon Ate My Baby Girl


A while back I watched A CLOCKWORK ORANGE which left me disturbed and provoked about the future of our humanity, as I see some of it coming to fruition in real life: the increasing amorality and violence in young adolescents. The adults have every right to fear for their lives as their authorities over the … Continue reading I C U

Sketch Diary 7: The Artist’s Decree

Yep, to me a piece of art is never finished, because I will always find something "new" that I had missed previously, and will voraciously fix it. And then it repeats. Ill never be satisfied with the image I have created. Sometimes if I cannot fix it I will tear it up and whip up … Continue reading Sketch Diary 7: The Artist’s Decree

Big Brother

With all the fiasco about government spying and CCTVs and YouTube making privacy more and more difficult to protect, it is pretty clear that George Orwell's haunting vision outlined in his famous novel 1984 is becoming more closer to reality. It's an issue that's pretty much polarized the nation; some say it better protects us … Continue reading Big Brother

A Tale of Norman: The Conclusion.

Well this is my 'final' pass on Norman's port from last post. Just little detailing with pen and gouache.I don't know for some reason the eyes look lopsided when I take the picture, but physically it's fine. I think the warped paper may have something to do with it. Will have to keep that in … Continue reading A Tale of Norman: The Conclusion.