Sketch Diary 6: The Goddess Mystique

October 21, 2013


Back in grade school I had intense fascinations for all things Ancient Greece. Among the favored are the mythologies of the mystical Mount Olympus, and the many gods and goddesses that inhabit it.

Then recently I took upon this subject again, this time in my study of the ‘self’. I know there has been lot of archetypes developed by psychologists and spiritualists to help people identify themselves. Most of them are based on ancient myths and literature. This led me to my own research on my self-identity and archetypes, using the Greek gods and goddesses as models. This was my initial findings, seen above and in the links below:

It’s interesting that I have pretty good range in common with these two figures, though not all of them might apply to me. In fact, there might be two sides of me, the light and the dark. And I am always in struggle between the two. I think most people have the same issues, hence the term dualism. I’ll definitely explore this subject deeper in the future…

8 thoughts on “Sketch Diary 6: The Goddess Mystique

  1. Lovely ideas here, I think the archetypes we need arise as and when we need them – Athena and Artemis are two of my favourites also. I just also came across Hecate who is complex and has a shadow, like us all 🙂


    1. It was interesting how I found myself a lot in common with the archetypes of Athena and Artemis, though not every one of them applies. It leads me to the concept of dualism in human nature, one ill definitely research more of in the future and develop new ideas based on these findings.


      1. Absolutely look forward to your future posts 🙂


      1. You are welcome! Keep up the great work!


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