Portrait of A Capitalist

2013 Pastel and Charcoal on grey board 14x18

Pastel and Charcoal on grey board

The past few weeks I got into reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” It’s a good book, and very insightful. It is so reflective of the current state of our world, the majority of overworked plebians controlled by the ‘pigs’ of the elite few who take a chunk of the credits for work they don’t do. I had read this book in high school, but back then I wasn’t a type to really pay attention in class and daydreamed alot, so I had no clue to what the book was trying to convey. Now I’m older and bit wiser, I see Orwell’s vision eerily coming to life before my eyes. And it’s not just limited to Communism, which was the primary focus of the novel. Any system is prone to this kind of abuse and oppression; power and money is the roots of all human evil.

This was my first attempt at full on pastel drawing. I was never much good at pastels, only to use them as accents over other drawings and paintings. And working on a dark colored board I can see just how effective the medium can be. It makes me want to experiment some more…

One Comment on “Portrait of A Capitalist

  1. I love art,and ‘Animal Farm’ is one of my favourite books!
    The drawing mirrors Orwell’s description of the pigs-and the capitalists-with such an exactitude!
    I love how you paid attention to little details:the pig wears clothes and resembles a human being,the evil look in its eyes,its fatness as a result of over-eating,the dollar signs on its tie and its overall very off-putting appearance.
    You did a great job with this one! 🙂


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