Messenger of Death

2013 Ink, gouache, pastel on posterboard 14x22

Ink, gouache, pastel on posterboard

They proclaim themselves the deliverers of their people, exterminators of “western evil” the warrior angels of their faith.  But to us they are terrorists, murderers, disruptors of peace.

The world has not been the same since that fateful day we know as 9/11, 2001.  The day that a seemingly invincible United States of America came under brutal attack by the notorious Osama Bin Laden and his extremist posse the Al Quaeda.  I remember that morning watching the enigmatic World Trade Center towers in New York City cam crumbling down at the weight of the flames after two passenger airplanes speared into its guts, and the whole city was swallowed up in its smoke.  That I believe was the catalyst for the war on Terrorism that still rages on today.

There seems to be not a day when I don’t see a news report about dozens of innocent civilians being killed by suicide bombs orchestrated by the terrorists in the Middle East.

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