The House of Swines (renamed)

2013 Conte, gouache, pastel on Bristol 14x17

Conte, gouache, pastel on Bristol

As I finished up “Animal Farm” I took note of the last passage about how the animals could not distinguish between the pigs and their human allies as they broke out into an argument. This then reminded me of what’s going on lately over at the Capitol Hill in D.C. Seeing as how the House and the Senate is controlled by two different parties with two different views it was pretty clear there was always going to be major deadlocks after another and not one major improvements happening to the country because of it. Just like bunch of spoiled overeducated grown potbellied men barking at each other over who’s right and who’s wrong, nobody willing to shake hands. When this ‘shutdown’ will end nobody knows, and meanwhile the ordinary joes in the civil service don’t get any pay, while the ones responsible for the mess do. Unfair you say? You betcha!


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