Super Poser

2013 Marker, color pencil, pen on Bristol 14x17

Marker, color pencil, pen on Bristol

An addition to the “IMAGES” series.
I guess you can blame the mass media. People are now more than ever trying to shape themselves to be something they are not, just so people will take notice.

They torture their bodies past its limits with insane diets and workouts, waste away their hard earned money on clothes and accessories that already gets old the next day, and tear apart their faces because they don’t like “what their mom has given them at birth.” Not to mention acting and talking in such heavily orchestrated manners to sound “all so cool.” Especially when they “mix” the words in foreign languages and accents, it’s that much worse. People have just long forgotten that true beauty lies within…but how you blame them when it’s the society as whole that is responsible for these humanly insecurities with their overblown ads and campaigns compelling people to be at their very best. This reminds me of that movie “They Live” where aliens hide secret subliminal messages into ads and televisions to lure the unsuspecting human population to do their bidding. Then does that mean there are aliens among us, seducing us to give up everything that we are and be like the way we “should” be? Now that would be crazy-

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