Portrait of An Artist: Picasso

2013 Charcoal on MM Paper 9x12

Charcoal on MM Paper

Finally some tribute portraits. This here is of the true father of modern art, the enigmatic Pablo Picasso. It is him to whom I owe the most for my current artistic endeavors (next to God, of course He is First). I would surely have liked to have a nice afternoon tea with him in one of his fabulous villas in Europe. 🙂

I certainly learned a lot from his philosophy of art. He was bold and fearless in his techniques and styles, and every stroke of the brush or pencils had confidence. And I’m pretty sure he had ADD too by the way he moved about from one canvas to another and never just sticking to one style. He truly lived his life to the fullest with his art, something I hope to emulate in my own life of art.

I know I tried my best he may not REALLY look all like Picasso, you can say that this is his younger version. I tried doing the much older version but somehow it didn’t do much justice. Maybe sometime I’ll do a color portrait, when that is I don’t know. Cause I’m already on to next piece of new work…(did I mention I have ADD?)

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