O Henry…

2013 Pencil, Pen, watercolor on MM Paper 9x12

Pencil, Pen, watercolor on MM Paper

Somebody shoot me.

I have a hopeless crush on this fine young British flower by the name of Henry Cavill. Up until his life changing role as the legendary comic hero Superman this year he had been in numerous underrated movies like IMMORTALS and THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO, but most notably the historic based period drama THE TUDORS (that’s where I’ve first discovered him. I couldn’t believe how hot he was).

I’m not going to rant away about my endless dreams about him (believe me you don’t want to know). The main point here is the art and that’s all I will say here.

Now I admit Henry has not been the easiest guy to draw (too distracting I guess ^^; ). This must be like the tenth attempt to get the picture right. (See what I mean). Course this was copied from a photo, probably the best one so far as other photos I fished for didn’t translate so well as drawing. End of it turned out like a comic book style, but I wasn’t going for hyper realism or why do I bother with drawing. I took extra care to the eyes, cause that’s what I like in guys, the eyes (well lot of girls think that too so it’s not so original). I do admit the hardest part was the face shape and the nose.

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