Back to the Oldie- A Portrait Drawing

2013 Pencil on paper 9x12

Pencil on paper

As I mentioned, I am not a patient person, I cannot stand in one place for too long. I am always on the move, can’t wait to work on something new and try different things. I am crazy like that.

So enough of all these satire-illustration stuff I’ve been doing the past several weeks. It’s a wonder I even held our that long. For now I am going back to a more classical art stuff- the figure drawing. More specifically, Portraits.

Now I learned I am not really cut out to be a master portraitist like John Singer Sargent or Thomas Gainsborough or some others whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry), but that doesn’t mean I won’t every now and then try and whip out a decent head shot.

Now one look and you can pretty much guess who this is (well more like what written in the bg).

I mostly use photo references from the Internet as I can’t afford to have actual sit ins (duh!) and basically I was trying to capture that trademark attitude with the pointed stare and scowl he always wears in pretty much all the movies he’s ever in, beside this one, which if you haven’t figured it out by now is from the movie “Pulp Fiction.” One of my favorite movies by my favorite director Quentin Tarantino. Movies like these are such rarity these days.


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