The New Money

2013 Pencil, Pen, Marker, color pencil, pastel, on Bristol 14x17

Pencil, Pen, Marker, color pencil, pastel, on Bristol

There was an interesting quote from an old Asian lore about “to throw a pearl at a swine,” which means that something valuable as a pearl is deemed worthless at the hands of the reckless and the ungrateful.

There is also an expression “old money” and “new money”. “Old money” referring to wealth that was passed down from generation to next, basically it runs in the family. And “New money” refers to wealth that has been acquired by means of hard work, merit, or in some cases, pure luck. And they are normally attributed to the lower class. Sort of like the “rags to riches” story many of us dream of.

Now unfortunately the people of the old money don’t respect the people of the new money, for the reason that the new money people are not cultured. They don’t know how to manage their newfound wealth, and act in ways not very kindly accepted by the old money people.

Basically it is the same thing like the pearl with the swine expression. Which brings me to this piece, in keeping with the “Animal Farm” theme.

Now I’ve seen many people for real that claim to have all these accumulated wealth, but they flaunt it in such manner I am not obliged to show them any respect. They parade around in brand new Louis Vuittons and Armanis in rather laughable fashion that you cannot help but feel shame for them. It would be better for a pig to wear mink fur and pearls, but that would look really silly too.

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