Why I Decided to Become A Visual Artist (Strike Three!)

Ok I’ll try to finish this topic once and for all…

So long long story short, I am not the type of gal to be someone else’s workhorse. I know that sounds jerky of me, but it’s not my temperament. I tried, believe me, but it’s awful lot of pressure and exhausting to the nth degree. I have a lot going on in my mind, but I can’t afford to sacrifice them to please the big guys all the time. It seems like that’s all I ever have done my whole life, but that is another story…

I cannot be tied down, I have to be roaming. Even if it means starving all my life I rather be a wolf than a dog. Ever read this fable?


I’ve lived in one small town for 30+ years, not having achieved much. I yearn to venture out to the world beyond my backyard. I long for a life like the late Keith Haring, who lived each day to the fullest and captivating the globe with his unique style. Now I know I’ll never be as good as he was, and I won’t try to. I’m still searching for the right path, so I’m voraciously experimenting and studying, until I find the right combo that fits me.

Meantime ill be pumping out whatever random ideas pop into my brain and put them down with every tools, genres, and techniques at my disposal, no limits and no rules. That’s my rule, there is NONE. Not at this time. I’m trying to find my style and deduce the subject matters that mean a whole lot to me on personal and spiritual level. and once I do and I’ve settled down then I’ll take the time to expand on the things I’ve created at this stage in the near future.

I’m reading this as I write and I realize half of it don’t make sense at all. It’s kind of hard when you got a clear idea in your head and you can’t really express it in its physical shape. But I think later ill reread this and by then ill have much clearer objective knowing exactly what I want to explore. So now I call out to the souls of all the famous artists before me, the innovators and visionaries, let thy force guide me lead me in my true path. Help me to become the Artist I was born to be.

THE END…..??

Whatcha Think?

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