2013 Marker, pastel on Bristol 14x17

Marker, pastel on Bristol

We are such selfish creatures, so obsessed with how we see ourselves, and how we want to be seen by others.
We are constantly flipping through VOGUE magazines or shadowing a Kardashian (or whatever celebs you tend to model your wardrobes and looks after) and spending our hard earned cash on various skin care/cosmetic products or designer named clothes to “mask” our imperfections and appear “perfect” to the envy of friends or random strangers who even care to look. Sometimes we will even go as far as to “rip” off the “mask” of our real selves, literally, and fix up a new one to our liking. How we can not realize that what really matters the most is what’s behind our “mask”…

I purposely left the picture “unfinished” to clarify the idea of one’s “efforts” to make ones self up covering up the imperfections and be the perfect self.
I’ll most likely return to this topic soon, as this is an ongoing issue…

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