Sketch Diary 3: Bugs

Sometimes when I fall under pressure, and can no longer contain the darkness within, it pours out, like millions of bugs that were piled up in a jar and when that jar bursts into thousand pieces they scatter out all at once, dreading out and about going in all directions with no idea where to… Continue reading Sketch Diary 3: Bugs


New Journal Entry: “A Letter to my One and Only I Love to Hate”

I actually submitted this.I think it can go both ways for both genders.

Figurative, Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of An Artist: Picasso

Finally some tribute portraits. This here is of the true father of modern art, the enigmatic Pablo Picasso. It is him to whom I owe the most for my current artistic endeavors (next to God, of course He is First). I would surely have liked to have a nice afternoon tea with him in one… Continue reading Portrait of An Artist: Picasso


InFASSuation ^^;;

For the record, Henry Cavill wasn't exactly my first crush. In fact, I'm torn between him and this other guy. Michael Fassbender. I first saw him in that movie "300" (it was just a minor role but he did appear pretty significantly) and followed by numrous other hits like "Inglorious Basterds" and indies like "Hunger."… Continue reading InFASSuation ^^;;


Sketch Diary 2: Dream Creates Monsters…

There was a print "Dream of Reason Creates Monsters" by Spanish artist Francisco Goya. Β This is pretty much the same deal but here I use bugs, because I hate bugs.


O Henry…

Somebody shoot me. I have a hopeless crush on this fine young British flower by the name of Henry Cavill. Up until his life changing role as the legendary comic hero Superman this year he had been in numerous underrated movies like IMMORTALS and THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO, but most notably the historic based… Continue reading O Henry…


Back to the Oldie- A Portrait Drawing

As I mentioned, I am not a patient person, I cannot stand in one place for too long. I am always on the move, can't wait to work on something new and try different things. I am crazy like that. So enough of all these satire-illustration stuff I've been doing the past several weeks. It's… Continue reading Back to the Oldie- A Portrait Drawing


Sketch Diary: I Have a Demon in Me…

We all have our inner demons. The kind that torment us emotionally following series of events that cause us to self-reflect with negativity, question our selves and our worth. And over time as we let these demons linger they grow bigger and bigger, and eventually it rules us, and we become its monster... This is… Continue reading Sketch Diary: I Have a Demon in Me…


The New Money

There was an interesting quote from an old Asian lore about "to throw a pearl at a swine," which means that something valuable as a pearl is deemed worthless at the hands of the reckless and the ungrateful. There is also an expression "old money" and "new money". "Old money" referring to wealth that was… Continue reading The New Money


Animal Farm

My inaugural image for the new topic I'm starting now: Expressionism. If you have read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" then you might get this. Back when I read this in high school I was one of those bored-out-of-mind students nodding away into daydream nation, and not really caring about the literary significance of some book… Continue reading Animal Farm