Sketch Diary 3: Bugs

Sometimes when I fall under pressure, and can no longer contain the darkness within, it pours out, like millions of bugs that were piled up in a jar and when that jar bursts into thousand pieces they scatter out all at once, dreading out and about going in all directions with no idea where to … Continue reading Sketch Diary 3: Bugs

New Journal Entry: “A Letter to my One and Only I Love to Hate”

I actually submitted this.I think it can go both ways for both genders.

Portrait of An Artist: Picasso

Finally some tribute portraits. This here is of the true father of modern art, the enigmatic Pablo Picasso. It is him to whom I owe the most for my current artistic endeavors (next to God, of course He is First). I would surely have liked to have a nice afternoon tea with him in one … Continue reading Portrait of An Artist: Picasso

InFASSuation ^^;;

For the record, Henry Cavill wasn't exactly my first crush. In fact, I'm torn between him and this other guy. Michael Fassbender. I first saw him in that movie "300" (it was just a minor role but he did appear pretty significantly) and followed by numrous other hits like "Inglorious Basterds" and indies like "Hunger." … Continue reading InFASSuation ^^;;

Sketch Diary 2: Dream Creates Monsters…

There was a print "Dream of Reason Creates Monsters" by Spanish artist Francisco Goya.  This is pretty much the same deal but here I use bugs, because I hate bugs.