2013 Pencil, pen, marker, color pencil on Bristol 14x17

Pencil, pen, marker, color pencil on Bristol

Remember in the last post, about my rant that KPOP singers look so artificial?

I recall this one Pink Floyd music video “another Brick in the Wall” there was a scene showing school kids in catatonic state being wheeled down the conveyer belt and dropped into the grinding machine below. This gave me the idea to show how KPOP stars are like mass-assembly products, considering you see one new idol group pop up every week and they don’t look much different from their “predecessors.” I once even read an article about how these idol stars are locked in “slave contracts” that’s almost worse than an army boot camp, and the finished product is they look and act like lifeless robots. All those wannabes dying to make the cut on the next “star audition” shows ought to get a reality check and see what really takes to be the next idol star, then they might be able to save themselves from the dehumanization. Even as I’m writing this another new “idol” star has just been born…

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