2013 Black marker on Bristol 17x11

Black marker on Bristol

I will resume with the “Poetic” series later, but my brain eggs me on to other things…

To kick off a new series in my collection, CulturePOP.

Pretty self-explanatory; I will be exploring the big wide world of pop culture through art.

Now most drawings you see here are just studies, not real final works. The studies are for experimenting and implementing ideas that I will later use in more expansive larger-scale paintings, which should happen not too far into the future. But the study drawings still have its own place, which is why I display them here.

So to start off is this piece, entitled “iMHookd”. It basically has to do with humanity’s alarming dependence on technology and obsession with the cyberworld. This is one of many topics I will continually pursue in future works. Now the image may look familiar; it’s a direct ripoff of Apple’s iPod ads, the one with the silhouette against the bright color backdrop, and the iPod wrapped around it. Now notice where the device is connected.

Whatcha Think?

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