15 Questions


An interview with Myself. (Ehhh…)

1. How did you get into art?

I have been drawing since I was very little. It just came naturally for me.

2. Why do you pursue art?

Art has been with me my whole life. It was my saving grace through the bad times and the good. It was my safe haven from loneliness, misery, and grief. If I wasn’t able to draw I don’t think I’d be here now.

3. Who are your inspirations?

My first real serious figure of inspiration was no doubt Jim Lee the comic artist. I was a tomboy in the old days, so I read a lot of my little brothers comic books, and Lee’s art was so awesome. As I learned more about other artists I came across Van Gogh, I really like his bold colors and the graphic look and feel of the picture, almost like a comic book. I learned of other artists later that I came to admire and be inspired by, like Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.

4. What genre of art do you follow?

I used to be into Impressionism, but I found I am more of an expressionist, drawing what’s on mind rather than draw from life. Right now I do a lot of Pop Art and Neo-Expressionism, but I am pretty open to other parts of the art movement. I’ve also come to accept graffiti as an art form.

5. What tools and techniques do you use?

All kinds. I don’t commit to one tool or technique. I like to mix it up and experiment.

6. Did you always want to be an artist?

Well I was kinda wishy washy about that. I had thought since I can draw I will draw for a living. But in junior high I learned that life of an artist is an equivalent of a bum, and even more I read about how a lot of famous artists in history were dirt poor in their lifetime and they only became millionaires after they were long dead. So it was kind of an epiphany moment there; I gradually drifted away from art and started seeking more stable and profitable prospects, like the military and even police officer (as I mentioned I am a tomboy). But fate knew what was best for me, and 20 years later here I am, a fledgling art wannabe.

7. What subjects do you explore?

I have plethora of interests. History, religion, mythologies, pop culture, social issues and conflicts. Most of all, I draw from my own personal experiences from childhood to present. I’ve been through a hell lot, just too much to talk about here. A lot of great art is produced from the artists’ experiences. I even combine my personal feelings with the above mentioned interests. You will learn quite a lot about me in the artworks I post here.

8. Any formal training?

I probably learned to draw better by copying images from other peoples stuff than from school. I didn’t really have a formal training in art, except for that one time in junior high when my mom enrolled me to a private art lesson, but I didn’t feel I got much out of it, it was more academic than I could really handle. I was not a good student, I could never sit still and follow directions.

9. Do you want to become famous?

Well who wouldn’t want to be. But that’s for God to decide. After all, we are not in full control of our destiny. I’ll prolly never be the next da Vinci or Picasso, nor will I try to be. I’m going to do the best that I can and break into the art world.

10. Do you believe that God exist?

Of course. I am a Christian, I believe God is out here out there, I believe what I read in the bible is real. But I am no saint, nor do I pretend to be. Im human, like everyone here on earth, and we are not perfect. If I was I wouldn’t be here but instead at some convent. I wouldn’t be able to draw the things you see here, I’m a tormented soul. But God knows me and I know he understands me.

11. What were you like in the early days?

Ah I could write a book about that. But I’ll try to make it short. Basically, I wasn’t like any typical girl; I have zero interest in fashion, makeup, style, stuff girls go gaga over. I was a tomboy, hung around with guys more than girls, my mind was always in the clouds. I was like the black sheep of the house.

12. What else you like to do besides art? Any hobbies, interests, etc.?

I like movies, any genre is fine except horror, I lose sleep. I like listening to music, going out for nice drive solo; my favorite hangout places are bookstores, art supply stores, museums (I would make a terrible date for sure. Lol) for hobbies I occasionally dabble in cooking, making jewelry, and cleaning up the nasty weeds in the garden.

13. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Hopefully making a decent living in art. I plan to obtain a MFA and teach part-time, if there is still job open for that in this day and age. Where I would go study is still pending. I have other plans too, something I can contribute to the community, but first I gotta work with myself.

14. Do you believe all great art comes from the tortured mind?

That’s kinda hard to say. I don’t think Picasso was psychologically screwed as Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock was, and he still made great art. Some people could function normally and be a genius, and some people can’t. Me, we’ll I’m kinda on a borderline.

15. Any fantasies?
Um, I sometimes imagined myself getting a life drawing session with actor Henry Cavill. XD. Though I had also considered Michael Fassbender too, but I think he’s had enough of torment with that one movie ( I think you know what it is ).

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