Gouache and pencil on photo collage on Bristol

Why do we like taking photos of ourselves? Don’t we see enough of our selves on the mirror? Is it because the camera “freezes time” by capturing that one second of our face, and holds it there, whereas in the mirror we can see our selves constantly changing, and we can’t duplicate that one second that just passed by in a blink of our eyes.
But can we trust the camera the way we trust the mirror? After all, cameras do add ten pounds to our faces, it can skew and distort, and change the tone, color, and exposure.
Or maybe that’s what we want, to see ourselves as we want to be seen, not as we are. Today’s cameras can do so much tricks; it can make us look like a supermodel on the cover of Vogue.  Even our minds play tricks on us, to see as we want to see.

We are a vain, narcissist beings.  Sometimes we need to take off the glasses and put down the lenses and see with our own naked eye, to learn to appreciate the true beauty.

Whatcha Think?

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