Watercolor, pen, pencil, pastel on Bristol

17×11 each (6 panels)

A poem relating to my own inner struggles with Faith; how difficult it is to trust in something you don’t see or have and move on despite the many obstacles and hardships that come your way and make you stumble. But that’s the essence of Faith-no matter how much crap life throws at you, you get back up and keep going forward, instead of staying down and crying, which will do you no good. That is how you remain strong and alive.

I’m sure everyone has his/her own issues with faith, and this is how I deal with it. Now I’m not a saint, nor do I pretend to be. I got loads of dirty laundry in my closet and lot of them too embarrassing to talk about. But I know that God loves me no matter who or what I am, even though sometimes I wonder about if its really okay to trust in that fact. Well, that’s what Faith is, after all, isn’t it?

Now I had a clear idea how to present this poem visually, but I’ve run into few bumps, and it didn’t nearly come out as well as I had envisioned. Well, not every thing turns out right the first time, right? I’ll definitely be doing another version of this image in near future, and do expect do-overs of other works here as well.

Now back to my drawing board. Laters…

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