Random Thoughts

First Random Thoughts: OPPA GATNO STYLE!

I got no style.

For a long time I struggled with the question “what is my style?” I looked at all the artists and noted some of their distinct styles that set them apart from one another. I tried to develop my own unique style, but somehow it just quite didn’t fit. I felt too frustrated and antsy. Worse I didn’t really get the best kind of responses for whatever styles I’d adopt, and that just lulled me down deeper into a pit of distress.

Then one day I noted a quote from a seminal figure of the art world: Pablo Picasso. He talked about having no style, something that struck me as kind of odd coming from the master. He said this:

“When you come to think of it, I am probably a painter without style. β€˜Style’ is often something that ties the artist down and makes him look at things in one particular way, the same technique, the same formulas, year after year, sometimes for a whole lifetime. You recognize him immediately, for he is always in the same suit, or a suit of the same cut. There are, of course, great painters who have a certain style. However, I always thrash about rather wildly. I am a bit of a tramp. You can see me at this moment, but I have already changed, I am already somewhere else. I can never be tied down, and that is why I have no style.”

I was pretty enlightened by this comment. It was as if the Master was talking about me. Because that’s exactly how I was. I am not a patient gal; I can never stay in one place for very long. One minute I am here, the next minute I am somewhere else. You can say that I got ADD, which I’m pretty sure I do even though I’ve never been formally diagnosed, I got all of its symptoms. Does that mean Picasso was an ADD too?

So that was it. I was a girl with no style. Because I can’t commit to one style or the other. I gotta just try them all. And act upon my instincts. What works for one piece of art doesn’t work the same way on another piece. Every subject is treated differently.

I cannot tell you how this discovery has been so liberating. No longer am I struggling to establish my own one unique style; I am free to create however I want. And that’s what art ought to be. Free to roam and explore. And now I got a new set of dilemma: how the hell do I tame this wild no-style wonder?

So, what do you think? Do you believe in having a style, or no style? What do you think of Picasso’s assessment? I’d like to hear your opinions.

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