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Why I Decided to Become A Visual Artist (Take 2)

So why did I want to be a visual artist again? Well before I made this hardcore decision, there was a time not too long ago that I wanted to be another kind of artist: the kind that comes with regular salary and health insurance and a 401k. I had aspired to be a concept… Continue reading Why I Decided to Become A Visual Artist (Take 2)

Pop Art


In this ever volatile digital age we cannot help but be hooked on to plethora of techno gadgets and gizmos that are available to us. And through them we are capable of connecting with more than billions of people worldwide with just a click of a mouse or keypad. I feel all this technology is… Continue reading WIRED

About, Why I Decided

Why I Decided to become a Visual Artist…

Why I decided to be a visual artist? Ok, I did not always want to be the visual artist. Because the prospects there are poor. Just look at Van Gogh.... When I went to college in 1997 my goal was pretty clearly in animation. But as time passed I found myself stuck between the two… Continue reading Why I Decided to become a Visual Artist…

Pop Art


Now you are probably familiar with the whole KPOP scene, which in the last decade has blown the whole world and invaded almost every aspect of today's youth. I am Korean, but that doesn't mean I love all things related to my native country. I admit it: I hate KPOP. I've listened to some of… Continue reading IDOLL

Pop Art


Is the price of fame really worth the cost of your identity? Continuing the theme from the post about my distaste for K-Pop idols, take a good look at this picture. Can you see what Is wrong here? Let me tell you something I picked up about the behind the curtains of the KPOP scene.… Continue reading IDOLLS

Pop Art


Remember in the last post, about my rant that KPOP singers look so artificial? I recall this one Pink Floyd music video "another Brick in the Wall" there was a scene showing school kids in catatonic state being wheeled down the conveyer belt and dropped into the grinding machine below. This gave me the idea… Continue reading The IDOL MACHINE

Pop Art


I will resume with the "Poetic" series later, but my brain eggs me on to other things... To kick off a new series in my collection, CulturePOP. Pretty self-explanatory; I will be exploring the big wide world of pop culture through art. Now most drawings you see here are just studies, not real final works.… Continue reading CulturePOP


15 Questions

An interview with Myself. (Ehhh...) 1. How did you get into art? I have been drawing since I was very little. It just came naturally for me. 2. Why do you pursue art? Art has been with me my whole life. It was my saving grace through the bad times and the good. It was… Continue reading 15 Questions

Poetic Art


2013 Watercolor, pen, pencil, pastel on Bristol 17x11 each (6 panels) A poem relating to my own inner struggles with Faith; how difficult it is to trust in something you don't see or have and move on despite the many obstacles and hardships that come your way and make you stumble. But that's the essence… Continue reading I WALK

Poetic Art


Why do we like taking photos of ourselves? Don't we see enough of our selves on the mirror? Is it because the camera "freezes time" by capturing that one second of our face, and holds it there, whereas in the mirror we can see our selves constantly changing, and we can't duplicate that one second… Continue reading Snapshot