t.@.L.L.HAUZ – Update!

The Gang’s All Here – in My Head

A way way back I wrote about a concept I got working on for new art project, of which takes a giant leap away from what I was usually doing. Based upon Freud’s theory of the unconscious and the three areas of the human mind-ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO- I created characters that personifies these three areas of the psyche, and then some more. Of course it was a bit difficult at first trying to figure out exactly these little beings will play on their roles. After writing out draft after draft and researching on the relevant topics, here I will share the latest statement around my concept. I assure you this won’t be the final, it will likely go through another rewrite or two. But for now I think this is pretty close to what I want to address.

If you let the voices inside your head take over your body for one day, what would they do?

One would seek to satisfy its insatiable carnal pleasures with no regard to their own safety or whatever consequences that may befall them.

Another would choose safety over risks, often ending up in a reclusive state and wallow in sorrow and self pity caused by self.

Still another will find value in whatever they perceive and will fight tooth to nail to protect it, even if it means resorting to violent force.

Yet another will settle down being resigned to whatever predicament may befall them, then calmly seek ways to cope with the outcome.  

These are the voices that live in your head and mine, keeping you steady on your toes or wreaking havoc. 

I know what you are thinking. It doesn’t feel finished. That’s because it is unfinished. There are times I don’t know how to end things. And as I had said, this is not really the final draft and likely to get changed. But then, isn’t that how it always is with art, or even life? Nothing is finished, or complete while you are living. That probably doesn’t sound right, but as long as you have the capability to think about something on regular basis, it kind of makes sense, right?

At least though I may have gotten the main point across. Maybe later I will come back and polish it some more. I have produced few art pieces and currently trying to put together supplemental contents (“trying” cause, you know, Life happens). I will be sure to document that progress here and soon start posting some art. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions as well, some inputs from third parties can be of big help.

Until next time, stay safe, and enjoy your Turkey weekend!

t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – Ellex Deux

Just a Simple Guy trying to Middle along in the World…


DOB: July 4, 2018

Height: 4”

Weight: Average

Eyes: Brown, but you rarely see them because it’s hidden under his thick black hood.

Hair: Don’t know, he never takes off the hood

Appearance:  wears nothing but black, head to toe, prefers hoodies, has pale skin because he’s always covered, has reddish tear streak coming from his eyes (it is said that once he looked up to the sun and it burned out his eyes which caused it to bleed)

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Ellex Deux is a mystery.  He keeps to himself, does not like to talk with others, even when he is in a group meeting.  He just sits in his place listening to other people’s dabbles and never bothers to convey his own opinions or ideas.  If you gave him a plate of poo to eat he would eat that no question asked.  I’m not kidding.

ED is passive to his surroundings and his position.  He lives life like Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, it will be.  He has no desire to try and change the situation and just accepts them for what they are and how they play out. He is quite adaptable, and he knows how to work his way around to suit his needs without changing the obstacles. 

t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – Anna Kiss

The Acolyte for Rebellion


DOB: June 6, 2019

Height: 4”

Weight: Skinny

Eyes: Blue, but always hidden beneath her gas mask

Hair: Shaved

Appearance:  Bald, always wearing gas mask with a bright red lipstick over a white letter A on the voicemitter, white tank shirt, Grey shorts, grey shoes

Likes: To be Free

Dislikes: Norms, rules, labels, restrictions, people trying to control other people

The name ANNA KISS is derived from the word ANARCHIST.

Anna Kiss sounds like a female name, right?  But this individual prefers to be non-binary, neither male or female.  They do not believe in labels or classifications.  They are just a person, a human being, made equal to and not greater or lesser than another.

Anna Kiss does not believe in the System.  She believes they are flawed and easily manipulated.  Every person should live as they see fit, as they had in the Prehistoric Ages.  No rules, no restrictions, no boundaries,no law, no order.  Humans are freewheeling, selfish beings and therefore cannot rule over or be ruled over by other humans.  

t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – MAHo


DOB: 8-24-2000

Height: 4”

Weight: Won’t say

Eyes: Brown, but you rarely can see it because her mind drives her crazy

Hair: Brown, short

Appearance: Short, chubby, wears glasses, white shirt, Blue pants, Brown shoes, never without a bucket hat.

Likes: Art, music, video games, movies, cartoons, food (no particular kind, since she rarely gets to eat, she will eat anything), dancing, acting, money

Dislikes: Boredom, not being able to do what she wants, following orders, being hungry, sitting/standing still

MAHo is an acronym for Mad Art Hobo.

I created this character back in college to use as an avatar pic for my online activities.  Since then she has taken a life of her own. She is basically a cute, chubby, animated version of myself; the artist spirit in me come to life. Originally set as the EGO, I decided the ID suits her more as Art is an instinctive trait for her as it is for me.

MAHo makes art because it’s in her blood, her brain, her soul.  She must make art to live, quite literally.  Her mind is buzzing with countless ideas and images and if she does not take them out of her head regularly through drawing, painting, dancing, cosplaying, anything, her head will explode.  Like, really explode into a thousand messy pieces.  She can never be tied down to one spot.  It is hard for her to stay in one place when her brain is constantly buzzing. MAHo like any typical artist does not make a good living.  She is always hungry.  If any kind soul will give her food she will gladly repay them with her art.  

Taking a New Direction…

Does this picture make me look fat? 🙂

In 2013 I decided to make art. And for the next 5 years I fiddled around and experimented with different styles, subjects, and materials, trying to make sense of what kind of artist I wanted to be. Before in college I had put much of my focus on a career path in the creative industry, such as film, animation, comics, and video games. But since none of my endeavors have been fruitful, being still stuck in the rock and a hard place, and a period of existential crisis ultimately led me to realize that being a working artist is not the path I can, or want to be. It occurred to me that making art for ME, not for someone else, was what really made me happy and fulfilled, and it took a giant leap of faith to accept that I will never bear any Benny fruits out of my art and to simply make art for art’s sake.

So 2013 was the start of that journey. And I can honestly say I felt more accomplished as an artist than I ever felt when I was in college. Throwing away any kind of limitations and conformities, I made art of all shapes and sizes and styles, imbuing my inner thoughts and feelings in every stroke of a brush or pencils or whatever medium I chose. Along the way I’ve pursued several exhibition opps in my area, as well as documenting my processes and keeping records of my works on and offline (this blog site being one of them).

It is now 2021. After few years of hiatuses caused by personal emergencies and the worldwide pandemic we known as the COVID19, I’ve come to a fork on the road, and have made a conscious decision to take my art into a new direction. I’ve been inspired by a recent exposure to the “lowbrow art” and the social media to take a small step back to the old days when I had dreamed of working in animation and comics. In my spare time I would be creating my own characters most of them based on my personalities with the hopes of starring them in a major production. But having been disillusioned by the lack of progress and discontented with all the obstacles and loopholes I’d have to cross I had no choice but to bury my creations. Recently I have been creating characters again and setting up for new series of works around them. I may have told you about this in one of my previous post but here it is ICYMI. It is good to be back here again after too long of leaving it in the dust and I am so anxious to share with you my new work. Be sure to stay tuned as I slowly unveil my new work and any potential new endeavors that will follow.

Until then, stay safe and happy!